Welcome to my humble Web-Room where you can find out more about me and my ‘Windrush Era Jazz Ska & Reggae Therapy’.

I’m your Jamaican saxophonist Ray Carless currently leading my own band ‘Ray Carless & Club Skaaville Allstars’. Please check out the Events page where you’ll see my promotions and the dates upcoming sessions with Cymande, Skatalites and The Jamaican Songbook.


Notting Hill Carnival 2020 Access All Areas

Notting Hill Carnival 2020 Access All Areas

We are planning our 3rd annual celebration of this Windrush Day and celebrating 72 years since the arrival of a large contingent of immigrants that became known as the WINDRUSH GENERATION. Your support is all that we need. You can support us, and we have our trust in you, we’re only looking for expenses to cover our costs of putting on this protest. Help us with your donation, and we will be forever grateful. Thanks for your understanding.

Ray appearing on the Jools Holland show with John Cleary 2/10/2018


A tribute to Usain Bolt

Downloads, CD and Vinyl versions available now – click here

This is a post promoting our newly composed JAMAICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM that celebrates the incredible performances and the achievements of Usain Bolt.

You can probably still remember watching USAIN showing the competition his heels and bringing home a bag-full gold medals.

Take a quick listen to our melodic tribute, this is our ‘MOMENT IN TIME’ tribute song.

This cool jazzy roots tune (that’s still being polished and coated with lavish amounts of love and musicality), thanks and exalts Usain and our esteemed Jamaican athletes for the stylee in which they represented our little ‘ISLAND IN PARADISE’……Wasn’t it just awesome…..Give me an Amen?

The song was written and produced by RAY CARLESS & bad-ass reggae bass playing session man & producer COLIN MCNEISH. The vocals on the track was performed by UK rapper WATUSI87 with Emzee Haywoode supporting on backing vocals.

The inspiration for this MOMENT IN TIME tribute arrived approximately over 8 years ago after some shocking/insane performances on the running track by the trio of Usain and two of his his fellow Jamaican athletes who crossed the line in 1st 2nd & 3rd places in the 200 metres in Berlin’s 2009 World Championships…

On that account….. 123 ARGUMENT DUN?

A rap/vocal mix will be featured on the upcoming Ray Carless & Club Skaaville Allstar EP that will soon to be available on vinyl and cd as well as from most online music outlets. Accompanying tracks include songs from the upcoming Ray Carless & Club Skaaville Allstars album. (More info on its way).

This is an inspirational piece of roots reggae-jazz fusion that was composed as a properly anthemic reminder  of a memorable, relentless, magical and enduring real-time Moment In Time ……….

We hope that you full-joy this our ‘Moment in Time’.

Thinking Out Loud

Available here now

There’s A Reason

Here is a snippet of our new track filmed at Notting Hill recently…

COMING SOON: the new release from Ray Carless’ brand new JIRPS&S DEBUT SESSIONS featuring the RAY CARLESS & LINDEL LEWIS Production of the HI-TENSION classic hit ‘THERE’S A REASON’.

Vocals by Reggae Crooner MICHAEL GORDOB and solo by the original HT’s original sax man PATRICK MCLEAN.

LOOK OUT FOR: A new cut of my 80’s smash hit ‘TARANTULA WALK’

Below is my track ‘Thinking Out Loud’ available on CD Baby and a video shot in Ghana of our version of ‘Grazy Waltz’.

Ray Carless

2 months ago

Ray Carless

Stokey Friday Club Post-Independence & Pre-Carnival Party ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

Ray Carless

The count downs begins for another #StokeyFridayClub #JamaicanIndendence with a #Carnival twist. Music by #MostyGee (Equation Roadshow), #FrankyP (Unique Radio), #JudithJacob (Concious), Nkechi (aka Warrior Queen), #CocoBean (Back2Back.net) and live performances from #TanniBrowne, #PanchitaLatouche & #JacquiCarby. Register for those all important Zoom Details @ bit.ly/2X7gACi ... See MoreSee Less

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3 months ago

Ray Carless


This is a community fundraiser to help to pay the costs and expenses associated with putting on the WINDRUSH DAY 2020 PEOPLE'S PROTEST in NEWINGTON GREEN PARK.


Windrush Day is very important to us. It's the day of the 22nd June when the offspring of the Windrush Generation and the wider community gather to unite, commemorate and celebrate the ancestors and all our Windrush Generation past and present.

“My father George Carless was a talented Windrush era musician and saxophonist who arrived here in the UK and quickly realised that he had few choices.

The reality of his situation required him to forget about his dream of working as a professional musician.

He had to place the music on the back burner and face the hardships of being in a foreign country in the 1950's. My mother followed my dad a couple years after and she also got on with it...

It was tough for them, they had to make a lot of sacrifices to ensure that they had regular paid work to secure their futures as well as the futures of my sister and I.

That's just one massive reason why I'm compelled to big up the Official Windrush Day celebrations that occurs every year on 22nd June. This was going to be our 3rd year of putting on a Windrush Day event.

And that little story's just one small nugget of my Windrush personal narrative.

In spite of the restrictions of lock-down and the social distancing, we knew that we had to provide our local East London community with the opportunity to come and pay their respects.

It was billed as a 'Windrush Day Protest' event, and the way that the event eventually came together beggars belief...It was really quite unique and extraordinary. Four different local groups who had never worked together before united to create a fantastic event from out of nowhere and with no financial assets with only selfless energy, community stubbornness and good will.

I kicked of the idea for the project when I approached the 3 other participating groups to suggest doing this as one united collective. The groups involved were:
1. My own Club Skaaville promotional imprint,
2. Hayley Squires (London Promoters Society),
3. M-Press Lee (a local promoter at Vortex Jazz),
4. People-Protest a new group of community activists who had staged their first peaceful 'Black lives Matter' People_Protest the previous weekend in Newington Green Park...

The event took place as scheduled and went incredibly smoothly, it turned out to be a smash with the audience, a 100% all round success featuring an amazing roster of performers and speakers, see the pics and videos attached.

The only downside (for us) is that it was a real struggle because it was totally self funded on a shoestring budget. And that's the reason that we're appealing to you for support, to cover the financial cost and running expenses of the staging of the event. We'd previously applied to our local Hackney Council for support but our bid was unsuccessful.

We're asking you to donate whatever you can spare at this difficult time towards covering our costs. All we want to do is recoup our expenditure, and any monies raised above our costs will go towards the 2 charities mentioned in the Gofundme.

We thank you for your understanding.

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Cymande’s official website here

Cymande at Xjazz, Berlin by Philipp Jester

Cymande at Xjazz 2016, Berlin (by Philipp Jester)